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Do you have a true story of trauma or radical healing to share?

Our focus is twofold: exposing hidden cults and abuses at home, and spreading radical healing to victims of domestic and religious abuse.

We believe there are thousands of cults, abusers, and abusive households hidden across America, living in plain sight. We know and see they exist without being touched; our founder, Julia McCoy, lived inside one of these environments for 21 years of her life before escaping in the middle of the night. She suffered daily beatings. She is not the only one. Many use deity or even God as an excuse for their narcissistic, destructive, horrible behavior. In the worst cases, some of these situations lead to the death or complete destruction of their victims.

It’s time to be a voice for these victims. It’s time for the spreading of truth on this issue, publicly.

Are you a silenced voice? Do you have a true story about criminal abuse activity that has been ignored or shoved under by others, perhaps even authorities? Have you been told to be silent about it?

Do you have an eye-opening message of healing and recovery from trauma?

We want you. We welcome victims and helpers from all walks: those experiencing fresh and present pain, as well as veterans of recovery. We want to tell your story.

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“We need more voices that stand up, that point out the monsters behind these ‘invisible’ abuses—even if the monsters are our own fathers. The world needs to know the truth. This abuse is not okay.” Woman Rising, Page 15.